What is Domain


What is Domain ? where is it ?

Domain is first choice  for website  , Domain means the name of your website  for EXP ( www.dayaster.com )  domain is tow type ,1 Top Level and th2 free  .

what is a top level ?

top level means in .com ,org, me , Net, info , Edu, etc . if you  want to Buy top level domain go to ( www.Godady.com ) .

What is free Domain ?

free domain means  no pay for everything no buy a name  just click  you own of you domain it’s 100% free  join this website for free domain name  Note ( www.Dot.tk ) this website 100% free website domain name  for EXP ( www.yourname.tk ) it’s your domain name . go to dot.tk and make a domain name

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