How to Get Free Akismet API key free

Akismet is the popular WordPress plugin to prevent spam. It was developed by Automattic Inc. Most of the comments posted on your blog are SPAM and it’s very hard to stop. But this plugin help you to stop SPAM easily. It comes pre-installed with WordPress and you need to activate it manually, by entering an API key. Here is the step-by-step guide that helps to get a free API key.

Go to Akismet Signup Page and select personal plan.


Fill in your details (name, email) and in the right-section select $0.00/year. Click on continue button to proceed further.

Your subscription will be activated and the API key will be mailed to you. Now Check your Mail Box you can see the API key.

Now, open Akismet options page from WordPress Dashboard after active the per-installed of this plugin from your plugin section. Then enter that API key and click on “Update Options” button.

That’s it. You have successfully activated Akismet for free.



Insani Jism Ka Sub Se Nazuk Part

Insani Jism Ka Sub Se Nazuk Part,
” BuND “
Thand lagay to BuND Phat Gai,
Germi lagay to BuND Phat Gai,
Paper na Aata Ho to BuND Phat Gai,
Result Aaye to BuND Phat Gai,
Petrol ki Keemat Barrh Jaye To BuND Phat Gai,
Bijli ka Bill Aaye to BuND Phat Gai,
Mashok ki Fermaishain Barrh Jaein to BuND Phat Gai,
Koi Bhi Kaam Kharab Ho Jaye to BuND Phat Gai,
So Plz apni BuND ka Khyal Rakhiay
Yar Plz 100 Ka Load to Bhejo?
Lo ji Phir BuND Phat Gae..