transfer blogspot to wordpress

Some of the major issue bloggers are facing while trying to import their blog posts from Blospot to blogspot import problem WordPress is broken transfer. All the posts are not migrated or in worse case error like

Once you are inside WordPress dashboard, click on Tools >Import and click on Blogger.This will prompt you to install plugin which will handle posts, comments and users import from your BlogSpot blog to WordPress blog.

Follow The Step By Step .

click in to Import

1   Click In To Blogger and oping new page blogger import and click to install Now it’s a Plugin and click in to Activate and Run .

2  On the next screen click on Allow access this will give WordPress access to your Blogger account and on the next page it will show all the blogs you have in your Blogger account.

3  and open a same like that page  there is showing your blogs you have in your blogger which  one you Import in your  WordPress  site



The process is very simple and WordPress import feature made it too easy for non techy people as well. Once all your blog posts and comments are migrated, you can associate users with them .

In few minutes, your new WordPress blog will be up and ready with all posts and comments. If sometime, your importer stucks or doesn’t import all posts or comments, I would suggest you to use Wp suicide plugin and dump all posts and comments from WordPress blog and re-authenticate and re-initiate the import process.

Thank you and  plzz feedback if you want you ask a question and leave in comments box i hope it’s useful for non teachable user .

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