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champions league t20 2014 ptv sports biss key

Get Latest Ptv Sports Biss Key 2014 Biss Code And Watch Your Match Free.The biss code of Pakistan Television sports is reversed replacing during vital cricket games. They are replaced and only told to be concerned PTV terrestrial controls. But you can until search on the Net to find the update key of Pakistan TV sports. These keys are initially told to the concerned Pakistan Television network; from they are released out and put on the net for the cricket lovers.

Update feed Asiasat 5 Champion league t20

Tp 3885 H 7500 Mpeg4/sid/0001/biss Key AD AC 57 B0 34 CD EF F0

Ptv Sport Biss Key


PTV SPORTS KEY  :2A 4D 6D 00 7E 3A 7F 00

CSN KEY:25 8C D1 82 EE CA 78 30

  • FREQUENCY: 4004 V 3333
  • SERVICE ID: 0001
  • VIDEO PID: 0021
  • Code/KEY: A3 19 A9 65 D 7 F1 AD 75