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PTV Sports Biss Key And Codes CWC 2015


(Pakistan Television Network) Sports channel are encrypted using biss keys. As the rights for telecasting the international cricket matches in Pakistan are reserved by Geo Super, so no other TV channel can broadcast the live cricket matches on satellite TV. PTV Sports can only show these matches on terrestrial network.
The biss key of PTV sports is kept changing during important cricket matches. They are changed and only told to the concerned terrestrial networks of PTV. But you can still search on the Internet to find the latest key of PTV Sports. These keys are first told to the concerned PTV networks, from there they are leaked out and are put on the Internet for the cricket lovers
Today 22/2/15
 All China Receiver Biss Key PTV SPORTS
Key.41 5C FC 99 D9 C6 E3 82
41 5C FC AA D9 C6 E3 AA
41 5C FC CC D9 C6 E3 CC

Latest PTV Sports Biss Key

PTV K FEED Paksat 1R 38.0 E
Frequency: 4054 V 7000
Biss Key. D3 E4 AE CC E7 C2 EE CC

PTV Sports Paksat 1R 38.0 E
Frequency: 4004 V 15555
Biss Key. D3 E4 AE CC E7 C2 EE CC

de 34 99 aa 9f ca b4 aa

de 34 99 aa 9f ca b4 aa dd


 de 34 aa 9f ca d4 aa