How to Share Balance of Warid


How to Share Balance of Warid:

Subscribers will be able to transfer balance via normal SMS.

Step 1: Go to Menu and choose Write Message.

Step 2: Key in B<Space><Prepaid Number><Space><Amount> to 1414


SMS notification will be sent to sender and receiver of balance share. Following are the notification messages.

Sender Message: “Dear User, Account “92321XXXXXX” has been successfully topped up with Rs. XXXX, your new account balance is Rs. XXXX. REFID: 211230034312”

Receiver Message:“ Dear User, your account has been topped up with Rs.XXXX by account “0321XXXXXXX” Your new balance is Rs XXXX and your account validity is 2006/06/30. REFID: 211230034312”

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