How To Make Money With Google Adsense 2014



For an example, let’s say you built an informational website for people who like to play Paintball and want to use Google Adsense to make some money off of it. Google Adsense will then generate ads from your content so they catch the eyes of people who are interested in paintball. In turn they might display an ad for a company that sells paintball guns and equipment. Now if someone visiting your site sees that ad and clicks it, then you get paid any where from 10 cents to a couple of dollars just for them clicking on the ad. Now think about if your website is getting a couple hundred visitors a day then those clicks can potentially add up into some serious extra money.

How to Signup for Google Adsense

Like I said before Google Adsense is completely free to sign up for but in order for your website to be accepted it needs to meet the following criteria.

*Your domain name must be active for at least 2 months before you apply.This means you have to have your domain name bought and registered for at least 2 months.and up to 1000 View per day .about domain name . What is domain name ? domain name is you Used Blogger Domain For Free . this domain is free . Used make a blog for free .

Used Some Tips And Make Money With Google Adsense

1 :- Make A Blog Or Website
2 :- Don’t used Copyright Data
3 :- Don’t Used Adult Video And Images
4 :- Share our blog in social network means Facebook , Google Plus , twitter Etc…
5 :- used Google Webmaster Tool make a sitemap and submit sitemap.
6 :- Your Blog Or Website per day view up to 1000 .
7 :- Apply to Google AdSense and google replay in to 24 hours email your acct is approved or not .

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