How to Link YouTube with your Adsense Account

How to Apply for Google Adsense through Youtube , Here how to setup Adsense for Youtube account , so signup first with Google mail account , if you don’t have . if already have gmail account then simply login youtube via gmail account so many blogger thing that how to connect the approved google adsense account to You tube .

Important Step for Appying for adsense Via You Tube
Step 1. login to you tube account and go to right top corner here drop down list and select the You Tube setting . fisrt Upload 3 videos unique videos not copied from You Tube or any Other channel .

Step 2. Now Go to you tube setting click on that below picture indicate now click on view Addition features.

Now click on Monetisation button it goes green.

After Enable monetisation click on enable button then click on Now go to Channel Settings>Monetization Click on “How will I be paid?”

associate an Adsense account with current gmail id .

fill up the Google Adsense Application form as per your Name , address, etc .

Click on Submit button after reviewing your application with 2 hours Adsense get Approved . Congratulation !!!

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