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 I Have Domain Name What next ?

when you owner of your domain name you must need hosting for  your domain  . what is Hosting ? where i host my website ? how to i host my web ?

What is Hosting ?

When you have a domain and you need a hosting  . hosting is a Home of your Domain and data .  Everything you have in your website only in your hosting server means backup your data. Hosting is 2 Type 1  premium hosting and 2th Free hosting .

Premium Hosting

if you want unlimited data and traffic you must have a Premium hosting . Premium Hosting Best Website with very very low rate and unlimited data with unlimited traffic only in 12$ for 1 year go to .

Free Hosting

free means 100% free it you want your website hosting free but it’s limited but it’s very good free web hosting no offline you website in this hosting some info about limited hosting  .

1 GB Disk Space
5 GB Traffic
1 Domain Hosting
3 Subdomains

1 MySQL(v.5) Database
100% NO ADS
Joomla & WordPress Installer
1 Email(IMAP, POP3), Webmail
Email Sending (SMTP ON)

How to Host your Damion ?

Premium hosting and Free Hosting  Both Hosting same host no any  different both same . go o your hosting website  and login  in your hosting cpanel EXP ( ) open cpanel dashboard  and fine your hosting DNS For EXP ( NS5.AWARDSPACE.COM and NS6.AWARDSPACE.COM ) it’s your hosting server  now back to your  Domain Registering website .

login and click in my domain and click to Managing domain setting  click in Management Tools and click in nameservers and open a new page  you see here bars and click in to Use custom nameservers (enter below) and enter your servername DNS EXP NS5.AWARDSPACE.COM and save it and back to your hosting website now next step .

your cpanel dashboard have too many tools.

click in to Domain Manager opening new page ,

click in to A domain host or Host an existing Domain enter below your domain name  . Ok Done now you add your domain in your hosting website . What next step ?


what i downloading ? we have so many software for website design but i used very simple Easy and smart . 90%  people using WordPress  . click here Download and  extract files in your computer . next step .

FTP Manager.

download filezilla ftp server uploaded files  and install  in your computer and open it . now back to your cpanel and click in to ftp manager .

click to FTP information .

what is your ftp Hostnames ?

what is your username ?

what is your password ? go to fillezilla and put in your host name user name and password  click to quickconnent .when it connect and you see in filezill 1 folder name Public_HTML or some time the name of your website  open it and  uploading your WordPress all fill select same time  and upload wait few mints  when it upload and open your website EXP ( ) and you see your website is working  wow its awesome but work is not end now do something more . next step is .

Install WordPress And Databases

when you open your website and you see here install wordpress  button click in to and install it next you see open new page about your Databases back to your cpanel and click in to Database Manager now make your  Database .

Create MySQL Database

Database Name EXP ( 123456_ ) you add only name EXP (123456_name )

Database Password  EXP 123456 it’s your password

Confirm Database Password EXP 123456

click in to Create Database . and click in to Database details or Options .

Database Host
Database Port   3306
Database Name  123456_name
Database User  123456_name
Database Password The password you have chosen. now back to website enter everything about Database . next step

choice your user name for login your website email and  password . every think is  done here open new tab and enjoy your website  . for login your in your website enter and make a post .

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