google adsense account approval tips

1. Google has started to believe old is gold:

Google seemed reject new websites that are less than six months old, because most of the applications tend to be spammers and they are wasting their time and energy. So if you want to get your website accepted, then wait for six months, following the first attempt of rejection or if this is your first time, wait until your website gets old enough to build good back links. In this, six months work hard on building your blog or website with a substantial amount of traffic.

2. Optimize your website for search engines:

The ultimate reason for increasing the search engine optimization is to increase the traffic driven to your website or blog, to increase the number of unique visitors and page views, which is going fetch you all the revenue that you had been looking for. These days the reviewing is not done by some Google bots, that they say that your application is not being accepted just because this do not fall within the set standards of Google, and therefore the chances of rejection are higher. Most of the times, despite having great content, if your pages are not SEO optimized Google will still say that the contents are “unacceptable”. This does not mean that you have offensive and pornographic contents.

3. Use customized domain name:

Gone are the days when you use blogger to get your Google Adsense account approved easily. This being the case, the use of wordpress is still much appreciated for you to get a custom domain name with the following top level domain names like *.com, *.net, *org and alike resources. Google rather prefers a than These days even getting your adsense approved with your is tough.

4. Use personal information in your site:

When you are filing in your Google adsense application, file in the same information that you used to get your custom domain and in your email so that Google knows that you are a real human being and they will believe that you are not trying to spam around, but are being interested in being a serious publisher.

5. Adsense requires commitment and patience:

With adsense you will not be able to make money in a jiffy as you need to be committed and patient to see the money flow in cents in the next six months only after getting your blog or website approved. This will be reflected in the first six months of your blog, where you will be writing good content and therefore will require you to invite more traffic. Quality is more important than quantity, but that does not mean numbers are not important.

6. Use established services:

When all other means fails you, use one of the approved and established services who can get you an adsense application registered, will include examples like Google Knol, hubpages and much more.

If the above 6 points prove to be helpful to you, please don’t forget to comment below ?

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