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Great evening guys! Presently dayaster.com Team have something Distinctive to existing you a significant Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Hack  and we desire. All that which you should do is simple, follow also and the Tips under you get all assets the thing you need! Analyze you and it like it.


Step By step 

1    Go to download tool for hack  cheat Engine 6.4 .

click here  Download Free . from  MediaFire File .

install this software  no Virus no any  Survey completed installing and open this software . This soft is working in  opera or Chrome now flow tips 1 by 1 .

2   Open your Opera and facebook   Dino Hunter .

3   Open your Cheat Engine 6.4 and click in select a process to open . it look like a little box computer for EXP : in this pic

Cheat Engine 5.5 a

and select your opera and click in  to  Open .

4  Look your facebook dino hunter money  for Exp : 620 . and back  to cheat Engine Bar Value write 620  and click  in to  New Scan now you  see  few codes same like this pic . list of 620 etc.


5  Now back  to your facebook  game and play  1 time and your game complete back  to again  cheat engine now what is your money for exp : 1000 and type in value box 1000 and click  in to  next  scan . Scan complete same like this pic .


6  now you see few codes list 1000 and maybe few times 3 or 5 or 10 in this list select all and add  select address same like this pic

Hackerare I Giochi Con Cheat Engine 4

7 all address in down Box select all right click  change Record  select vale and change your money  type 999999999 and see your facebook  game  every this is change  this Tips same work  in  Gold you change gold in your game .



Plzzz Feed Back  i make Video Soon for this it’s very simple you can do this

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