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english poems cute baby

cute-baby-new (2)

O, where is thy home, sweet bird
With the song, and bright glossy plume?
“I’ll tell thee where I rest,
If thou wilt not rob my nest ;
I built among the sweet apple-bloom !”
But, what’s in thy nest, bright bird ?
What’s there, in the snug downy cell ?
“If thou wilt not rob the tree ;
Nor go too near, to see
My quiet little home, I will tell.”
0, I will not thy trust betray !
The secret I will closely keep.
“I’ve three tender little things
That have never used their wings !
I left them there, at home, fast asleep.”
Then, .why art thou here, my bird,
Away from thy young, helpless brood ?
” To pay thee with a song-
Just to let me pass along,
Nor harm me, as I look for their food.”

And what is love? It is a doll dressed up

cute-baby-new (1)

For idleness to cosset, nurse, and dandle;
A thing of soft misnomers, so divine
That silly youth doth think to make itself
Divine by loving, and so goes on
Yawning and doting a whole summer long,
Till Miss’s comb is made a perfect tiara,
And common Wellingtons turn Romeo boots;
Till Cleopatra lives at Number Seven,
And Antony resides in Brunswick Square.


Fools! if some passions high have warmed the world,
If queens and soldiers have played deep for hearts,
It is no reason why such agonies
Should be more common than the growth of weeds.
Fools! make me whole again that weighty pearl
The queen of Egypt melted, and I’ll say
That ye may love in spite of beaver hats.

Sad Complaint shayari for lover

Kaash wo samjhte iss dil ki tadap koo,
Toh hamein yu ruswaa naa kiya jata,
Yein berukhi b unkee manzur thee hamein,
Ek baar bas hamein samajh liya hota!

Humaare Liye Unke Dil Me Chaahat Naa Thee,
Kisi Khushi Me Koi Daawat Naa Thee,
Humne Dil Unke Kadmo Pe Rakh Diya,
Par Unhe Zameen Dekhney Ki Aadat Naa Thee!

Achi Si Koi Saja Do Mujhko;
Chaaho To Rula Do Mujhko;
Tumhe Bhoolun Toh Maut Aa Jaaye;
Dil Ki Gehrai Se Ye Dua Do Mujhko!