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Night i went camping at deam wilderness



the other night i went camping at deam wilderness. i love that place. even if it was quite cold. and i didn’t sleep much. and now my dog smells like smoke. i could sit by a fire all night and be totally content. and today it’s raining which makes it even sweeter that i was able to get out and go camping.. and i’ll go to work and hope it’s a slow day. and i’m eating an asiago bagel with artichoke gouda shmear and it’s so good. bought echinacia tea and ricola drops to fend off this cold that’s knocking on me door. yeah.

Your profile is suspended while it is under review

Your profile is suspended while it is under review How to Get Your Suspended Google+ Profile Reinstated.

My G+ account was suspended for more than a month, and I still have no idea why. But I can’t say I missed much. UPDATE: Google responds.

I first noticed the problems about a 5 Day ago. I tried to promote a blog post on Google Plus but nothing happened when I clicked the G+1 button.Three days ago I discovered the ugly truth. Google+ had suspended my account.


g+ profile suspended msg cropped


Used Some Tips And Unlock Your Google plus Profile .
(1) Go To Google Plus Profile .
(2) You have On Google Page ? yes Go To Google Page Or Not You have Google Page . Make The New Page .
(3) Go To Google Page Click On The Page And Make The New Post And Share .
(4) Refresh The Page and Your Google Profile Open In New Tab You see Your Profile Is Unlock Make This New Post And Share On Your Google Plus Timeline .
Enjoy The Fun Thanks For Coming ..
Plzz Comments Here You Unlock Your Profile Or Not .

and so there’s still time. and hope



and so there is still time. and hope. i guess that sometimes i get overwhelmed(or is it just ‘whelmed’?) at my situation. but i don’t understand it cause my situation is fine. good great even. nothing to complain about except that it can feel so mundane and i can feel so alone. but there’s movement towards being with people. a book club. something. people together talking over a book. and drinks. i think people are essential. and i’ve been trying too long to live in isolation, even if it’s been unintentional. i guess theres some light breaking. and my eyes are sore and resistant. i just want to roll over and pull the covers over my head. a part of me. then theres another that wants to be exposed naked. look people in the eyes and be known. and my heart leaps.