automatic sitemap submission Script submit your sitemap

PHP Auto Sitemap Submit Script for Google Bing Yahoo or Other Search Engines

You only need to submit a sitemap once for each site because all you are doing is submitting it’s URL. Google will come by and crawl the sitemap whenever they think it might have changed.

How do you submit a sitemap?

You go to Google Webmasters Tools homepage and sign in to your Google account.
Click on your chosen blog to go to the blog’s Dashboard.
Navigate to Traffic > Optimization > Sitemaps and click ADD/TEST SITEMAP button.
When an input box appears, enter atom.xml, append the necessary parameters and then click Submit Sitemap button.

Your Sitemap is  index.php?xml_sitemap=params=

Google will take a few hours to process your submission before the status changes from Pending to OK.

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