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Why is my sitemap index status Pending Webmaster Tools


HI Friends .
I Have A Blogs and websites  . Here My Blog  Sitemap Pending Problem . I Solve This Problem .

I submitted my sitemap in Google webmaster tools . Here Have a my blog post 640 i submit my site map this ( atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 ) But My Sitemap Is Pending .i Search why my sitemap is pending ? Google Have no Good Answer .
Are you looking for a tool that can crawl the Web to search, find, and fetch Web pages? If so, why not consider Googlebot? In this article, you will learn more about this Google user-agent as well as understand what functions and options it has for users.

Googlebot is used to search the Internet. It uses Web crawling software by Google, which allows them to scan, find, add and index new web pages. In other words, “Googlebot is the name of the search engine spider for Google. Googlebot will visit sites which have been submitted to the index every once in a while to update its index.”
Note: Googlebot only follows HREF “Hypertext Reference” links–which indicates the URL being linked to–and SRC “Source” links. With a list of webpage URLs, Googlebot will use Web-crawling robots to collect information to build a searchable index for Google’s Indexer.


Used Some Tip And Solve This Problem


1:- Go To Google Webmaster Tool

2 :- Click In To Your Site In Google Webmaster Tool

3 :- Click To Configuration

4 :- Click In To Configure URL parameters »
Here Open New Page in to Google Webmaster Tool Here Show 2 option ( 1 ) M And ( 2 ) show Comment
5 :- Let Googlebot decide Edit / Reset . ( M ) And (Show Comment )You Click on Reset .
You Go to Sitemap And Submit Sitemap now your problem is Solve in 3 or 5 Hours .Here Show Your Status Index your Page .


Who can call us father, or who can call us son?



Who can call us father, or who can call us son?
If we have reguarded ourselves abandoned by whatever thing (a person, a lover, a parent, a false prophet, ourselves) then we have lost touch with the great family, ourselves, all of us together, on this great place called planet Earth.

Who is your neighbor? He is your brother.
Who is that stranger? She is your mother.
The man downstairs hammering on the wall,
the woman blow-drying her hair in the bathroom down the hall-
these people are your family.

Have you lost your mother to death?
Have you lost your father to disease, to war, alcohol, drugs, a car accident?
Nothing can replace them.
They have been made known copletely in death, to whatever supernatural landscape (who can say for sure?)
Until then, it is our hard task to welcome the widows, the children, the orphans, the fatherless into our family.
What little effort it takes- a friendly nod at the stranger on the street, giving change to the vagabond, saying hello or goodbye, openning doors, keeping our mouths shut.
In the small things, the day-to-day gestures, the normal business of the day, we do the great work of the kingdom, which is to welcome each unlikely individual into the fold, one person at a time.

Night i went camping at deam wilderness



the other night i went camping at deam wilderness. i love that place. even if it was quite cold. and i didn’t sleep much. and now my dog smells like smoke. i could sit by a fire all night and be totally content. and today it’s raining which makes it even sweeter that i was able to get out and go camping.. and i’ll go to work and hope it’s a slow day. and i’m eating an asiago bagel with artichoke gouda shmear and it’s so good. bought echinacia tea and ricola drops to fend off this cold that’s knocking on me door. yeah.