What is Domain


What is Domain ? where is it ?

Domain is first choice  for website  , Domain means the name of your website  for EXP ( www.dayaster.com )  domain is tow type ,1 Top Level and th2 free  .

what is a top level ?

top level means in .com ,org, me , Net, info , Edu, etc . if you  want to Buy top level domain go to ( www.Godady.com ) .

What is free Domain ?

free domain means  no pay for everything no buy a name  just click  you own of you domain it’s 100% free  join this website for free domain name  Note ( www.Dot.tk ) this website 100% free website domain name  for EXP ( www.yourname.tk ) it’s your domain name . go to dot.tk and make a domain name

how to use ftp manager



FTP Manager.

download filezilla ftp server uploaded files  and install  in your computer and open it . now back to your cpanel and click in to ftp manager .

click to FTP information .

what is your ftp Hostnames ?

what is your username ?

what is your password ? go to fillezilla and put in your host name user name and password  click to quickconnent .when it connect and you see in filezill 1 folder name Public_HTML or some time the name of your website  open it and  uploading your WordPress all fill select same time  and upload wait few mints  when it upload and open your website EXP ( www.yourwebsite.com ) and you see your website is working  wow its awesome but work is not end now do something more .